Sunday, April 29, 2007

Riding the "La Pissarotta"

One of my favorite rides for a very good 3 hour work out is that of riding the "La Pissarotta". The route takes approximately 2 hours of climbing followed by 1 hour of descending.
From the center of Verona a short ride takes you to Montorio. From Montorio you head north through Mizzole and onto the "La Pissarotta". This is a beautiful road for cycling. Tranquil, narrow, shady and cool, and always gradually climbing. It's a road that wears you down. At the end, you turn right and then a quick left to go to Squaranto and some other villages lost in time before finally arriving at Rovere V. From Rovere V. I follow the signs to Velo V. and then to Rocca. This puts you onto a ridge road that is east of the Pissarotta and then it's a beautiful descent with incredible views all the way back to Montorio.
In an interview with Damiano Cunego he mentions using the Pissarota for training, ".....per tornare a casa Damiano deve comunque raggiungere gli 843 metri d’altezza di Cerro veronese. Per arrivarci ci sono diverse strade (tutte in salita, naturalmente), la più gettonata da Damiano è la cosiddetta “Pissarotta”, 8 kilometri con pendenza media del sette per cento, con punte che negli ultimi tre kilometri raggiungono il dieci." Maybe one of these days I'll meet him.
Photos: "La Pissarotta" is in red

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