Friday, October 15, 2010

Giro di Lombardia: “Io corro con il cuore”

The start of tomorrow's Giro di Lombardia will be delayed 10 minutes due to a rider protest. The protest is against the recent comments of Italian Olympic Committee anti-doping prosecutor Ettore Torri in which he stated "I'm not the only one saying it. Lately, all of the cyclists I've interrogated have said that everyone dopes. The longer I’m involved in this the more I marvel at how widespread doping is."

Tomorrow the racers, and team staff, will be wearing a yellow sticker that says "Io corro con il cuore" ("I race with my heart"). The motto, chosen by those who devote their lives to cycling, cannot be misunderstood: racing with the heart means to compete with passion, with integrity and with their natural gifts.

A message (as pictured above) in a bottle will be distributed at the start, on the Madonna del Ghisallo, and finish in more than 2,000 bottles. The message discusses the efforts that cycling is making in the fight against doping:
-46,000 blood and urine controls in 4 years, plus implementation of the biological passport
-13 killion euro spent by teams, organizers and riders for antidoping controls
-365 days a year a rider must communicate where he is training, or where he is and where he sleeps
-the professional rider's association contributes 200,000 euro per year to to support anti-doping controls cost
-of the 4 most popular sports analyzed by the AFLD (France) in 2008, cycling was the sport with the least positives

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  1. BRAVI! The un-doped guys need to stand up for themselves and help rid our sport of the cheaters.

  2. I heard on the news the riders called the protest off yesterday.

    I was surprised by Scarponi weasily jamming Gilberti with his shoulder on the penultimate climb. Gilberti showed a lot of class- just ignored him, and a few moments later, riding away like Scarponi was sitting still.