Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lampre-ISD Announces Tour de France Team

Lampre-ISD has announced the 9 members of the team for Tour de France. Directed by the duo Maini-Lerici, there will be the following riders:

Leonardo Bertagnolli: 33 years old, Italy. 15 victories in career, 1 Tour de France.

Grega Bole: 26 years old, Slovenia. 11 victories in career, 1 Tour de France. Slovenian national championship.

Matteo Bono: 27 years old, Italy. 2 victories in career, 1 Tour de France.

Damiano Cunego: 29 years old, Italy. 45 victories in career, 3 Tour de France with 1 victory in the young riders classification.

Danilo Hondo: 37 years old, Germany. victories, 3 Tour de France.

Denys Kostyuk: 29 years old, Ukraine. 3 victories in career, debut in Tour de France.

David Loosli: 31 years old, Switzerland. 1 victory in career, 3 Tour de France.

Adriano Malori: 23 years old, Italy. 2 victories, 1 Tour de France. Time trial Italian champion.

Alessandro Petacchi: 37 years old, Italy. 180 victories in career, 3 Tour de France with 6 stage victories and 1 victory in the points classification.

As substitutes: Dmytro Krivtsov (Ukraine) and Andrey Kashechkin (Kazakhstan)were selected.

In the team staff, in addition to the sport directors Maini and Lerici, there will be the sport manager Damiani, the doctors Beltemacchi and De Grandi, the mechanics Baron, Bortoluzzo, Kunchenko and Pengo, the masseurs Borgognoni, Capelli, Inselvini, Napolitano and Padlo, the driver Bozzolo and the communication managers Appiani and Carlo Saronni.

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  1. I would like to see a competitive Damiano Cunego for the GC but I'm not sure this is the team to help him to that end. He didn't seem have a lot of team support in the Tour de Suisse and that might have made the difference. Is this team any better suited to support Damiano or is it for Alessandro and the Green Jersey? It will be interesting and fun to see how it turns out for Cunego and the rest of the Lampre Team in this years Tour.