Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 L'Eroica: Foreign Registrations Reach Limit

Today, on the first day that registration was open, the the limit of 800 registrations for foreigners under the age of 60 was reached by noon. Those who were born before 31 December 1952 may continue to enroll, without limitation, until August 3, 2012.

For those born after 31 December 1952 there will be two opportunities to register as apart of a charity fundraising effort:

On 15 May, exclusively on the website, 100 places will be made available at the higher price of €100;

On 6 August, exclusively on the website, an additional 100 places will be made available at the higher price of 130€;

Following this, no other registrations will be accepted.

The proceeds from the charity registrations will be donated to charitable projects adopted by L’Eroica 2012. Last year the funds raised through this method went towards the construction of an elementary school in Dissin, Burkina Faso. The school is now in operation:

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