Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Colnago C59 Disc, Disc Brakes the Next Wave?

Colnago unveiled their "C59 DISC" today which I believe is the first, existing, top-of-the line road frame from a manufacturer to now be offered with disc brakes.

From the announcement:

"Welcome to a new era of high performance road bike braking, the Colnago C59 Disc.

Colnago have taken a bold step towards the future of road bike evolution with the introduction of the C59 Disc. Featuring fully hydraulic front and rear disc brakes it is set to bring a whole new level of performance and safety to the Colnago road bike line. The frame and fork are fully compatible with standard PM calipers too.

With twin 140mm diameter discs the frame and fork have also been redesigned in the key areas where the brakes are mounted. The fork is completely new, whilst at the rear of the main frame the chainstays and the seatstays are also new, to cope with the increased loading that the disc brakes generate at their mounting points. The C59 Disc is compatible with both electronic and mechanical groupsets.

Along with the main chassis changes, Colnago have also designed their own matching wheel system, the Artemis Disc. These wheels feature disc-specific hubs and full carbon composite wheel rims.

Now, no matter the weather, you can have the most powerful and controllable braking system available on a road bicycle. The system is easy to service, should it ever need servicing – as the system is essentially closed and there are no cables to replace or wear out. The regular maintenance will only consist of checking the brake pads for wear, and replacing them when needed – which is a simple five minute job."

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  1. I've got to think that the braking dynamics when cornering have got to challenging

  2. What well-heeled Colnago fan wouldn't want one of these?

  3. What is the advantage of discs over rim pads on a road bike?

  4. After years of trying to make bikes lighter, they are now successfully making them heavier.