Saturday, October 3, 2009

La Randonnèe del Tirreno

La Randonnèe del Tirreno was a 1000Km randonnèe held in June undertaken by the Randonneurs Campania. Featuring 9,500m of climbing it took riders from Sorrento to Tropeo and returned to Sorrento for the finish.

As one finisher said, "There are not 1,000 words to describe Sorrento-Tropea-Sorrento. Only by participating can you have the sensations and emotions which you will never forget."

Photos: Randonneurs Campania

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  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing!CycleItalia offers a unique cycling vacation, Campania's Cilento Coast each year in May. This is truly a special region--think of riding the Amalfi Coast without all the traffic and congestion and you get the idea.