Thursday, October 29, 2009

Selle Italia MONOLINK Saddle and Seat Post

Selle Italia has announced the introduction of their "Monolink" system. Prototypes have been seen at bike shows since 2007 but it is finally coming to market.

The saddle uses a single carbon weave rail which according to Selle Italia increases the torsional strength by 30% and the crash resistance by 300% compared to the traditional carbon railed saddles. The rail is made of HM K6 carbon fiber.

The matching seat post is claimed to be 50% stronger due to the new clamping system and the use of HM K3 carbon fiber. Added benefits are more front and rear saddle adjustability, and ease of adjustment (something I can appreciate after dealing with a two bolt Campagnolo seatpost this weekend). Weight is 160g (+/- 8%). Monolink will initially be available in 31.6 in 300mm and 350mm lengths.

Photo: Monolink system; saddles: Team Edition (the Flow version is with the cut out in the middle)

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