Monday, October 5, 2009

San Patrignano

The San Patrignano story is an unusual one. San Patrignano is, first, a community that welcomes all young men and women who have serious drug abuse problems, regardless of ideology, social background, or religion, and completely free of charge, accepting no payment or funding from their families or the Italian government. Since 1978, San Patrignano has taken in over 18,000 people, offering them a home, health care, legal assistance, and the opportunity to study, learn a job, change their lives, and regain their status as full members of society.

Teaching a job to its guests is one of San Patrignano"s fundamental principles. Through the years the community has developed several high quality activities: from agriculture and food production to training championship jumping horses, to breeding show dogs, from high quality printing to information technologies, and craftsmanship such as frame building.

Initially bikes and parts were produced for outside companies. The turning point came in 1999, thanks to the support and of Dario and Gianni Pegoretti. Today, Dario Pegoretti continues as their technical advisor and San Patrignano has its own brand of racing and touring bikes, and it is possible to order a custom frame.

To learn more visit the San Patrignano website:

Photos: a San Patrignano at EICMA 2009 in Milan

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