Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Return of Clément Tires

The legendary Clément name in cycling tires is returning. Donnelly Sports is now the licensee of the Clément brand from Pirelli SA, Milano, Italy.

The first tire coming to market will be a 32mm cyclocross design which will be followed by road clinchers this year in 700x25 & 700x28. These will be followed by tubulars in 2010. As to where the tires will be made the General Manager Donn Kellogg of Donnelly Sports said, "Where will the tires be made? The world is a large place with a lot of options and we will look at the right vendor for the job. It may not just be Thailand, Taiwan or Europe. We hope to truly surprise some people."

The Company's website is (currently under construction).

Photo: the new logo

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  1. In February of this year (2010) they were testing a prototype of a cyclocross tire. That is the last "news".

  2. tires are rolling out; i see the clement crusade tires (34s) available in a couple places. havent heard anything about performance yet.

    i'd still be happy with a shirt with their killer logo on it.