Monday, October 26, 2009

Sticker Shock & Insanity, Part II

In Part I we covered the Campagnolo Record carbon water bottle cage at $ 159.95.

In this installment of Sticker Shock & Insanity we have the Selle SMP Strike Full Carbon saddle, "The flagship of the SMP series. The SMP Strike Full Carbon represents the pinnacle of comfort and ergonomics while combining the weight savings of a carbon fiber. Weighing in at a scant 105 grams makes this saddle ideal for your feather light racing machine. "

Price? An astronomical $ 699.95. If you do not believe me see here.

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  1. Oooh...I'd like to have one but not at that price!! Eventually other versions will come out at lower prices, but I bet likely not lower than $350. What do others think?

  2. $700!?! Does anyone have a rear end worth that much?

  3. 100% Made in Italy. Quality so good these guys could make seats for Ferrari. No smashing of important and sensitive parts when you sit. Priceless -- but you can buy them with Mastercard (or Visa)Seriously, we found these after a long (and expensive) trial and error period with saddles from makers like Italia, San Marco, Specialized, Terry, Fizik and more. We tried SMP last because they were the most expensive but they are amazingly comfortable once you find the correct width. (Disclaimer: AFTER this search we convinced them to become an Official Supplier to CycleItalia)

  4. $700 saddles, $600 jacket from Campagnolo, $3,500 gouppos...I think it's great that cycling's popularity is larger than ever, but the price tests that manufacturers are implementing are outrageous. I want to see innovation and the success of the industry, but hopefully today's worldwide recession will help to bring consumer prices back into the realm of sanity.

    If you don't think bicycles are overpriced, compare to the cost of motorcycles. Why do high end bikes cost as much or more than motorcycles like MV Agusta or Ducati who are hardly high production factories and yet, have thousands of hours of engineering in every bike they produce.

  5. Bicycles are certainly expensive when you look at the high-end ones but compare the top of the line, Made in Italy Ducati to a low-end, Chinese-made motorcycle and I believe you'll find as much of a price difference as between a top of the line, Made in Italy, Campagnolo equipped DeRosa and a low-end, Chinese-made Giant bicycle. It's a heck of a lot cheaper to make stuff in China than it is to make it in Italy. Only you can determine if the difference is worth it. Enjoyed any Chinese-made wine lately?