Thursday, September 2, 2010

Loretto Petrucci Speaks re: the Doped Bicycle

Loretto Petrucci, 81 years old and the only living Italian to have won two Milan-Sanremo has spoken out in an interview with "Il Tirreno" about the news that Carrera would have a doped bicycle at Eurobike in Friedrikcshafen. We reported on this a few days ago and thought that perhaps it was some stunt but apparently it is not. Paraphrasing some of Petrucci's comments:

"A shame.....At first I did not want believe it when they told me the story of a bike with an engine inside. Now there is confirmation. I say just one thing: it's the end of cycling. Everything will die soon. I say this with great regret, but I am sure that will happen.

Why, has no one moved a finger? Only after Ivano Fanini, who in June had presented a statement on the matter to Justice Guariniello, did the story come to life. Elsewhere there is silence. Can cycling accept such a thing? I repeat: a prototype electric racing bicycle produced in Italy? And the Italian cycling Federation is where? What do they say? Why not take position? Is it not concerned about such a thing? What will they do to prevent races that are polluted by this crap?"

Photo: Loretto Petrucchi winning the 1953 Milan-Sanremo (he also won the 1952 edition)

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  1. Larry wrote this essay two years ago. What he feared then seems to have come true.