Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Laws for Cyclists

The "Codice della strada" (D.L. n. 285 del 1992) has been modified and goes into effect tomorrow, September 27th, throughout Italy.

The modification to the law establishes the requirements for cyclists to wear a reflective vest at night on rural roads, and the wearing of a reflective vest at all times when traversing a tunnel (galleria).

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  1. A similar law was introduced in France a couple of years ago.

    It's not exactly respected and I suspect Italians, who already regard the rules of the road as optional, will probably ignore this as much, if not more than the French.

  2. Yikes- time to buy another reflective vest. I must carry 2 in the car, one for driver, one for passenger. I'll try to find something snug-fitting though- the ones in the car are quite floppy in a breeze.