Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Italian Time Trial Bikes Gone Wild

I am going to start a photo collection here, in this blog entry, of the many interesting TT bike designs that the various builders have conjured. Have a good photo? Send to veronaman@gmail.com.

First up: a Faggin:

Colnago in 1988 Colnago catalog:

Reader Giuseppe's Mario Rossin-built 1987/1988 Pogliaghi TT:

A Boschetti:


Miguel Indurain's Pinarello:

A Rossin, handlebar stem shaped over front wheel (shown with incorrect handlebar):

F. Moser TT, Chateau de Ax-Gatorade Team 1991

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1 comment:

  1. There were some wild ones back-in-the-day, no? Most of 'em butt-ugly but the Faggin pictured is an exception with the flowing lines and curved tubes. The worst might be the "Spada" thing BigMig rode or that Bianchi contraption supplied to Berzin around that time. The only thing uglier than those for Larry are the current chrono bikes...something was lost when they allowed the lay-down (triathlete)position vs the traditional one.