Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bianchi Introduces New Infinito CV with Vibration Cancelling Technology

Availability will be late 2013. No pricing as of yet.

From announcement:

The Bianchi Countervail® integrated system immediately cancels vibration while increasing frame rigidity. The Countervail® vibration cancelling composite technology is now exclusively introduced for cycling by Bianchi.

Revolutionizing the world of endurance cycling, and three days before Paris-Roubaix, one of the most legendary and toughest races in the world - Bianchi introduces the new Infinito CV.

Proven in the extreme conditions of NASA aerospace operations, Countervail® is now exclusively introduced for cycling by Bianchi.


The new Infinito CV with Countervail® vibration cancelling composite technology is Bianchi’s innovative solution to reduce muscle fatigue and increase bike control.

Bianchi collaborated with the USA’s Materials Sciences Corporation to develop the exclusive application of the Countervail® integrated system for the cycling world. With its special carbon fiber architecture, patented Countervail® viscoelastic material is embedded within the Infinito CV proprietary carbon lay-up to immediately cancel road vibration. "We are really excited to introduce a revolutionary vibration cancelling technology for cycling with our new Infinito CV model", Bianchi CEO Bob Ippolito said. "Thanks to our close collaboration with MSC's engineers we developed a new exclusive patented material technology that will deliver better performance with less fatigue and more control".

Bianchi and MSC's intense laboratory testing and the rigorous experiences of our professional test riders confirm, the Bianchi Countervail® integrated systemimmediately cancels vibration while increasing frame rigidity. Decreased vibration reduces muscle fatigue which improves handling, rider control, and maximizes energy savings under the spectrum of vibration loads. "MSC and Bianchi have entered into a license and trademark use agreement enabling Bianchi to utilize the Countervail® patented technology and registered trademark within the bicycle industry. MSC has collaborated with Bianchi to incorporate Countervail® technology in Bianchi bicycles, starting with the new Infinito CV model announced today”, Thomas Cassin, President/CEO of MSC commented.

Scientific studies* conclude that eliminating vibration benefits the rider with reduced muscle fatigue and maximizes energy savings.

The new aero shaped Infinito CV with Countervail® vibration cancelling technology is cobblestone proven by our UCI WorldTour professional riders, and will be officially used in competition by Vacansoleil-DCM’s Juan Antonio Flecha at Paris-Roubaix, on Sunday. Flecha attended today’s Infinito CV official presentation in Lille.

The Infinito CV carbon fiber frame keeps the optimal C2C (Coast to Coast) road endurance geometry that distinguished the previous Infinito, giving every rider the maximum level of performance and peak power output under normal to extreme vibration loads with more control during endurance rides.

2014 Infinito CV also available with the innovative Bianchi disc brake system.

* As noted by the Journal of Sciences and Medicine report.

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  1. Larry says-Anyone else old enough to remember the initial hype of carbon fiber as a wonder material? All kinds of wonderful properties were claimed for this stuff, one of the most hyped was it's vibration damping properties - yet ever since other tricks and schemes have come along claiming to solve this problem. Rubber bumpers inserted into holes in the stays, fork, seatpost, flax fibers as part of the layup, hinges in the frame, now super-duper NASA materials. Am I the only one that thinks this is far more marketing-maven BS than actual improvement? Gimmee good ol' steel any day!