Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Benefit of Riding a Gran Fondo: Great Kits

Another benefit of riding a gran fondo is receiving a nice kit. Depending upon the event these may include a full kit, or just the jersey. In any case, you can usually buy what was not included in the participant's package. Here is the kit for the 2011 Gran Fondo Internazionale Giordana which features graphics for the Passo Gavia and Passo del Mortirolo.

All of which means you can expect to face these famous climbs on both the medio and the gran fondo routes, gran fondo shown here:

What I like best about these kits are the memories that come flooding back when you wear them. The exhilaration, the hurt, and the fun.
The 2011 Gran Fondo Internazionale Giordana (formerly the Gran Fondo Pantani until 2010) will be held June, 26, 2011. The event website is www.gsalpi.com.

A few of the previous stories that have appeared here about the Gavia:

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