Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Prize from Strada Hand Built Wheels

From Strada Hand Built Wheels we have received these beautifully machined Titanium (Ti) Quick Releases as a prize for the reader contest that begins today. They are machined from alloy with a titanium shaft and brass cam socket for durability, and anodised in black with the Strada logo laser etched onto the lever. These QRs weigh a super light 43g a pair and lock firmly into position. The alloy lever is easy to grip in a hurry or with cold hands.

From their recent announcement:
"Strada Hand Built Wheels has been recently launched to reintroduce the benefits of handbuilt wheels to cyclists who may not have considered them before. After the frame, the wheel of your bike is the most critical component of how it rides and feels.

So why buy a set of wheels made by machine to a set of averages when our skilled wheelbuilder can build a set to match you specifically? We consider your weight, height, physique, power, type of bike and type of road surface before selecting a rim, hub and spokes to build a wheelset to match you perfectly. Even the selection of different spokes for each side of wheel and how they are tensioned can have a major difference to the performance.

Strada has selected a series of rims and hubs that when combined with quality spokes we know can build high quality wheelsets to match your requirements and riding style perfectly at a price that is not as high as you may think.

Our wheelbuilder, Darren, has built in excess of 1500 wheels in last 3 years. We use the P+K Lie wheel truing stand from Germany, accurate down to 0.05mm for vertical and lateral deflection. Each set has a lifetime free truing policy.

We have stocked carbon tubular and clincher rims, alloy rims, light race hubs and famous brands such as PMP too. We have not skimped on no-name spokes but use Sapim including the legendary bladed and light CX Ray. The carbon rims can be delivered with or without Strada decals or we can apply custom sponsor’s decals from a client’s digital file. We supply all our wheelsets with rim tape and titanium quick releases (43g a pair) as standard. We are happy to deliver throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

Visit the website at or call us on +44 1273 263825 before you order your new wheels.

Note: if you are interested in organising a demonstration wheel build at your place of work please get in touch. We can build a set to be tested by you on the spot which can a good introduction into skills involved and the benefits of handbuilt wheels."

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  1. Anyone still building spoked wheels by hand is a hero to us! Too many cyclists these days know only of factory-built "wheelsets" which deliver poor ride quality, and durability, not to mention difficulty of repair if problems arise.