Sunday, January 2, 2011

Team Liquigas Sardinia Training Location

My thanks to Federica for writing in with information about the location that Team Liquigas chooses in Sardinia for training:

Team Liquigas is already confirmed this month for a second retreat at the Geovillage Sport and Wellness Resort, located near Olbia on the northeast coast of Sardinia, Italy, with the luxurious Costa Smeralda nearby.

Set on 14 hectares (35 acres)of lush Mediterranean gardens the Geovillage features centers of excellence in swimming, tennis, soccer, fitness and wellness. "It is this combination of factors that allowed us to focus on physical and mental preparation, leading to achieve optimal results", said team captain Ivan Basso.

Team Liquigas training will begin with a ride of 80 km, increasing to 150 km per by the end of their stay. The daily program begins at 9.30 am with a gathering in the square, then the riders climb aboard their Cannondale bikes for 4 hours to discover new roads. The roads are not always chosen in advance, mostly the routes develop based on the instincts of the riders. Among the routes explored are the slopes of San Pantaleo, and the scenic coast to Porto Cervo, Arzachena and Palau. "These routes do not require specific physical work which is usually part of training because, from the technical point of view, they fulfill the requirements of the preparatory work", according to Paolo Slongo, sports director and trainer of the Liquigas team. "The Geovillage allows a perfect start to the season where, in addition to cycling, gym, swimming and wellness facilities are available."

Team Liquigas, including Ivan Basso, will join twenty other teams in participating in the Tour San Luis in Argentina from January 17th to the 23rd.

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  1. There are some nice roads around Olbia and things get better as you move westward and to the south -- which we'll do on our Sardegna Coast to Coast to Coast tour in 2011