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Traverse of Italy: Brenta Group and Val di Sole

Now we return to the traverse of the Alps in northern Italy by Javier. If you want to catch up on the series read:
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Stage IV for Javier's primarily off-road journey is a two day stage taking place in the Brenta Group and the Val di Sole. Javier begins in Don and finishes at the Refugio Lago Corvo.

The Brenta Group (Dolomiti di Brenta in Italian) is a Dolomite mountain range located in the province of Trento. The Brenta Group is the only dolomitic group west of Adige River. It is separated from the Ortler Alps in the north by the Noce valley; from the Adamello-Presanella group in the west by the Campo Carlo Magno Pass and the river Sarca; from the Fiemme Alps in the east by the Adige valley.

Like the Brenta Group, The Val di Sole (or Valle di Sole) is located in the province of Trento. The valley name of Val di Sole applies to the Val Vermiglio, the east-west aligned valley of the river Noce and its side valleys, among which the Val di Peio that heads to the Ortler. The rest of the valley from Ossana to Mostizzolo is simpy called Val di Sole. Some of the towns in the valley are Vermiglio, Peio, Dimaro, Croviana and Malè (the main town).

Javier writes of his first day of this stage, "This is one of the hardest stages of "Alpi Bike". After a comfortable start on the road, descending to Dermulo and a gentle ascent to Tuen, begins the grueling climb to the Passo del Grosté (23 km and 1810 m of ascent). First by road until the Lago di Tovel, then by trail until Malga Pozzolo. On the way to Malga Pozzolo:

From Malga Pozzolo to the top of the Passo del Grosté required walking and pushing my bike for 6 km (which had 800m of ascent)." Near the top:

Of the second day, "A hard but tranquil day, especially after yesterday. A long descent by trail to Dimaro was great fun. Then, the descent continued by road to Male all of which made the stage easier. The main difficulties we would find at the end of the long climb to the Refugio Lago Corvo. After a few Kms of road and trail riding the last part of the trail brought renewed walking and pushing of my bike for 2.2 km, much shorter and easier than the Passo del Grosté from yesterday."

The Brenta Group as seen from the Refugio Graffer where Javier spent the night after the first day:

Gruppo Adamello-Presanella:

Val di Rabbies:

The trail nearing the Refugio Lago Corvo:

A few riders that were descending from the refugio:
Click on photos to enlarge.

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