Thursday, July 9, 2009

Emma Mackie Races in the Women's Giro d'Italia, Part V

Emma Mackie's (Lotto-Belisol) fourth report in her own words:

Stage 4, Day 5

The Tuesday stage that was meant to be easy was not so easy! But I'm learning that every stage is hard here. I was happy with my 11th place although I thought I was top ten so will have to keep trying! Rochelle had a great sprint for 6th (3rd left below in white/black/red kit).

Stage 5, Day 6

Wednesday's stage was in the mountains and with the 16% cobbles at the end I was not looking forward to it. I was surprised to have a good feeling in the legs and sat in the peleton until the end where we focused on helping Lizzy (Elizabeth Armitstead ) to the base of the last climb in a good position to keep the young jersey.

Stage 6, Day 7

I'm literally falling asleep in my bed! Its 11.30pm and after a typical long Italian dinner that took over 2hrs! I have just come back from my massage and am ready to pass out! The last couple of days have really started to hit the legs on the girls and myself (far right below).

Today was one of the hardest days I've had on the bike yet! It was a long day in the saddle and of all days my legs just didn't want to work! After hitting the climb straight away I found myself going backwards. I managed to get into a group with a few other Aussies which was nice for a chat! On top of the climb one of then girls even came prepared with sunscreen in her back pocket! Ive never seen that pulled out before but i did jump at the chance to put some was a bit of a laugh!

Hopefully I have saved myself enough for a good feeling tomorrow! Lizzy was also feeling it today but showed how strong she is and managed to keep the young jersey.

So, it was another long drive after the race but we ended up in a beautiful hotel with a swimming pool! I managed to have a quick dip before dinner.

I'm definitely starting to feel this long, hard, Giro in my legs and have found myself counting down the days until Rome!

Its bed time for me now....



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