Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pinarello DOGMA: Goodbye Magnesium, Hello Carbon

Fausto Pinarello was spotted riding a carbon Dogma at the Granfondo Sportful on June 21st. The decaling indicates it is made with Torayca 60HM carbon which is lighter then the 50HM carbon used in the Prince model. The current Dogma, using magnesium, was introduced in 2000.

No official announcements from Pinarello yet but expect to see the new carbon Dogma at the top of the road bike offerings for the 2010 models.

ed. note November 5, 2009: an online comment about the Pinarello Dogma made November, 2009:

"Pinarello is making me laugh.

They are claiming that their Dogma frame weighs 950 grams. Ah sorry... but have you guys weighed one? Their advertised frame weights are with NO paint and NO Bottom Shell, derailleur hanger, bottle bosses, seat clamp, and other little stuff. Well-- you kind of need those when you make a frame don't you?

The 55cm frame I weighed was over 1200g in the real world we know on planet Earth.

Here's a novel idea:
Why not finish building the frame THEN weigh it?"

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