Saturday, July 18, 2009

GALMOZZI and LYGIE to Return

Gruppo Bici N.A. has acquired Italian bicycle brands Galmozzi and Lygie from Atala S.p.A. The company also plans a series of reproduction frameset classics under its Atala, Cicli Italia, Galmozzi, Lygie, Maino and Umberto Dei brands. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“The addition of Galmozzi and Lygie to our in-house brand Cicli Italia is a significant win strategically,” said Gruppo Bici N.A. company spokeswoman D’Abria Versace. “With Cicli Italia, Galmozzi and Lygie we are able to offer dealers and consumers more product choices in addition to achieving scale economies.”

The Gruppo Bici N.A. vintage frame program has two lines: Classica; and Epoca. “Our Classica program is of Cinelli SuperCorsa quality but retails for approximately $500 less,” Versace said. “We have two models of Classica: the Giro d’Italia ($1,909) for road and the Sei Giorni ($TBD) for track”. Classica frames are handmade in Italy of Columbus SL tubing, have traditional geometries and are also available as semi-custom at no additional cost.

Translating to “aged” from Italian, Epoca is a 1940-1960’s frame series with three models: Leggera; Extraleggera; and, Superleggera. Leggera ($595) features horizontal rear drop-outs and is designed to be configured as a single-speed. Extraleggera ($695)=20incorporates vertical drop-outs with rear derailleur hanger and is intended for use as a multi-speed. Superleggera ($795) is the same as Extraleggera but made with Columbus tubing; Columbus SL tubing is optional ($TBD).

Epoca models are also handmade in Italy but have more relaxed geometries compared to Classica. Both Classic and Epoca are available immediately as special order with regular production slated for late Summer 2009. Gruppo Bici N.A. is also planning to prepare vintage framesets under Bianchi, Coppi, Frejus, Ganna, Giardengo, Gloria and Legnano with consumer-supplied graphics; the company is pursuing license agreements with these companies.

Photo: drawing by of an original Galmozzi headbadge

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  1. I have a wonderful Lygie bicycle, it is a 1977 model, purchased in Guatemala by a friend and I have owned it for the past 33 years, it is my favorite and ride it every year. Any one out there with one of this beautiful bikes?
    My name is Roberto 2403722320 in Maryland

  2. @ Roberto: you shouild join the classicrendezvous list at to connect with Lygie owners.