Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Win a Dream Cycling Vacation in Italy

Deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday, midnight Mountain Daylight Time. Contest requires donating to LiveStrong Challenge. Details:

"Dorothy Gibson takes the fight against cancer very personally. She should. She lost her mother and her father to it. Her two brothers are both survivors.

She also loves riding her bike.

And so, after coming home from a once-in-a-lifetime self-guided cycling tour through the heart of Tuscany, Italy, with her friends, Dorothy didn’t just put the memories away. She looked for a way to share the experience, while helping Team Fatty with our LiveStrong Challenge.

And that, combined with the generosity of several Fat Cyclist readers who have volunteered their frequent flier miles, is how we have arrived at this contest.

Win the Terre di Sienna Self-Guided Bike Tour With Cicloposse

I’ll get to Dorothy’s story of her tour in a moment, but first, here are the details of how to enter:
1. Go to Dorothy’s LiveStrong Challenge page and donate any multiple of $5.00. You’ll automatically be assigned a random number for every $5 you donate.
2. Deadline for donations is Wednesday, July 8, at Midnight Mountain Daylight Time.
3. Cross your fingers and hope you win, because this looks pretty darned incredible.

If you win, you get the Cicloposse Terre di Sienna Self-Guided Bike Tour for two, plus roundtrip airfare for two to Italy. Of course, you’re going to need to bring some money for handling buying stuff along the way.

Cicloposse supplies the bikes, pedals, and helmets, as well as pumps, spare tube, patch kits. You could also ship or take your own bike if you prefer. Dorothy and her crew went with a compromise route of bringing their own pedals, saddles, and helmets. Which seems like a good call.

Now, you may wonder, what does “self-guided” mean? Here’s how Dorothy describes it, at least in context of this trip. Self-Guided means you:
-have your luggage in the lobby at the appointed time for transport to the next location
enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the hotel
-carry your raingear, money, passports, snacks, tubes, tools, etc, to take care of yourself on the way (no sag wagon)–just like your regular road rides
-follow the detailed map and route descriptions, odometer, and road signs (good map reading skills a plus, but Cicloposse makes this very easy)
-ride as fast, or slow, as you’d like
-stop when you’d like, eat when and where you’d (they have fabulous suggestions)
-call the hot line number if in need of emergency support
-arrive at your next hotel with your bags already there

I don’t know about you, but this sounds pretty much perfect to me. And from the way Dorothy describes them, Marco and Guilianna Mulas — the owners of Cicloposse — take great care of you and are excited to help out with the fight against cancer, too."

Photos: Dorothy's trip

Stories, including cycling trip stories, for the Italian Cycling Journal welcome; contact veronaman@gmail.com

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