Monday, July 13, 2009


The TransAlp Challenge is an 8 day mountain bike race, 400 miles in length with 60,000+ feet of climbing. The route traces some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Germany, Austria, and Italy from the start in Mittenwald (Germany) to the finish in Riva del Garda on Lake Garda (Italy). A truly epic race for the 550 teams that compete each year.

The race will begin in 4 days on July 18th and will end July 25th. The stages:
Stage 1: Mittenwald - Reith im Alpbachtal
Stage 2: Reith im Alpbachtal - Mayrhofen
Stage 3: Mayrhofen - Brixen
Stage 4: Brixen - St. Christina
Stage 5: St. Christina - Sarnthein
Stage 6: Sarnthein - Kaltern
Stage 7: Kaltern - Andalo
Stage 8: Andalo - Riva del Garda

The official website for this event is

Photos: see for a stage by stage photo gallery of the 2008 event.

Stories, including cycling trip stories, for the Italian Cycling Journal welcome; contact

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