Sunday, July 26, 2009

La Fausto Coppi "Epica"

La Fausto Coppi Epica is a non-competitive event (there is no ranking published) that will replicate the Cuneo-Pinerolo stage of the Giro d'Italia from 60 years ago. The event is open to all riders carrying a licence issued by a Federation or Sport Promotion Body recognized in Italy or abroad.

The route: Cuneo - Colle dell' Agnello (2744 m) - Colle dell'Izoard (2360 m) - Colle del Mongenevre (1854 m) - Sestriere (2035) - Pinerolo - Cuneo; 300 Km with 5,100 meters of climbing. Maximum time limit 20 hours.

The event will begin at 2300 (11:00 p.m.) on August 29th. Lights will be checked before the start as part of the technical checks. If your lights don’t meet the requirements you will not be permitted to start the Epica.

The legendary Cuneo-Pinerolo route was raced on the 17th stage of the 32nd Giro on 10 June, 1949: a truly memorable moment in the race's history. Then the course comprised five major climbs in a row through the Italo-French mountain passes: Colle della Maddalena (Col de Larche in French), Vars, Izoard, re-entry into Italy via Monginevro and, finally, Sestrière before arriving in Pinerolo. Two hundred and fifty kilometres, much of which on dirt roads as they were then. “Campionissimo” Fausto Coppi’s performance is legendary, his 190-kilometre solo ride beginning halfway up the Colle della Maddalena and concluding at the finishing line in Pinerolo. He won by 11 minutes and 52 seconds from his historic friend and rival Gino Bartali in second, with Alfredo Martini third – but first among the “mere mortals” – on 20 minutes 40 seconds. A solitary ride among the great mountains with their distinctively majestic and changeable landscapes that Coppi’s legendary performance imprinted into the history books forever. It was, and always will be, one of the great moments in cycling folklore.

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