Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RAI Voice Changing

There will be a new play-by-place voice on RAI for cycling beginning next season. After twelve years, and the being the voice of ciclismo, Auro Bulbarelli moves on to become a deputy director and head of the cycling division at RAI. Taking over for Bulbarelli will be Francis Pancani. Pancani has been providing reports during the Giro d'Italia from the RAI motorcycle.

Bulbarelli's last broadcast was from the Giro d' Lombardia.

Davide Cassani, the former professional, who has been working with Bulbarelli in the RAI broadcast booth will continue in his role.

Photo:Davide Cassani (left) and Auro Bulbarelli in a RAI broadcast booth

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  1. Just thank God they didn't choose Gigi Scarbozza! I hope Pancani grows into the job as Auro did. It was tough to fill the shoes left by Adriano DeZan (not sure that's spelled correctly)who most people adored though I though he was a bit windy at times.

  2. We in No. Calif. thoroughly enjoyed
    2010 Giro direct fr. RAI. Esp. enjoyed the post-., esp. w/Gibo and
    his new book. Enjoy the website!
    Keep up the good work!