Sunday, July 31, 2011

Felice Gimondi 2011 Gran Fondo Wool Jersey

The Felice Gimondi 2011 Gran Fondo wool (50% wool/50% acrylic) jersey in the Italian championship tricolore is available from Prendas in the UK. Made in Italy by Santini the jersey features embroidered Bianchi and Campagnolo logos, a 14cm front zipper, and three rear buttoned pockets.

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  1. Isn't that gorgeous!? But I don't think I could ride around in an Italian national champions jersey since I'm not one...but it's beautiful just the same and from our favorite maker, SANTINI. We still remember the time our Italian friend, when he discovered we were interested in having Felice's autograph on a rainbow jersey, told us he couldn't have dinner with us because he had to attend a special party with Gimondi and friends. After saying arrivederci, Renato went to the factory of his boyhood friend, Pietro Santini and grabbed a rainbow jersey as well as a maglia rosa replica, then brought them with him to the party to be personalized and signed by Gimondi for us. He presented them to us the next morning! We were (and sort of still are) dumbfounded at his generosity and the effort he made for us! Needless to say when CycleItalia clothing needed to be created a few years later, SANTINI was our choice, and we've been with them ever since.