Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pinarello GRAAL Time Trial Bikes

Pinarello GRAAL time trial bicycles as usedd by Team Sky on Sunday in the TTT. Photos by Mark Pinsent, courtesy of La Gazzetta Della Bici.

Pinarello's description of the GRAAL:
"GRAAL is Pinarello’s new technological jewel for time trials.

The invaluable experience gained with DOGMA coupled with the grand tradition of Pinarello time trial bikes, and the new Pinarello Lab construction techniques SOE System (Simulation Optimize Evolution) contributed to the design of the new forms and the advanced technology employed in this extraordinary project. Compared to its predecessor, FM1, GRAAL has completely new geometries, steeper seat tube angles and a vertical seat post.

The new tube sections are created with computer, including the waves on the down tube, designed to minimize weight and maximize performance. The front brake is situated behind the fork, to further increase the aerodynamic coefficient. GRAAL is available in two versions: one specifically designed for Shimano Di2 electronic shifting with cables run fully inside the frame and battery perfectly integrated into the rear chainstay. The second version, for mechanical drive trains, also has internal cables but no battery housing thus the chain stays are thinner.

To complete the project, we created a handlebar that perfectly integrates with the frame and forms a single body with it. The ANURA handlebar has internal passage for both electronic and mechanical cables to achieve clean forms and aerodynamics. Width 410 mm C/C and handlebar coupling equivalent 120 mm, 105 mm, 90 mm. Interchangeable extensions (various widths and tilt angles), adjustable in height and length. Adjustable pads. The GRAAL frame and ANURA handlebar are made of Torayca 60HM carbon fibre with 1K finish and Nanoalloy technology. The GRAAL frame is available in 6 sizes."

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  1. I'm a huge fan of your blog and so I'm delighted that you've chosen to use a few of my pictures from the Team Time Trial! Glad you liked them and thanks for the mention.


  2. I'm afraid there's a wonderlust amongst cycling-journos, seemingly enthralled by manufacturers' efforts at marketing their ever-increasing tweaks and rethinks to differentiate their products as being ground-breaking TLA 'systems'. Does anyone really get off on the thought of a frame designed to save you 4 watts per km, 15 seconds over 40km or 12.4% increased lateral stiffness and yet have 3% more vertical compliance? What does that feel like? I fear it's all a case of the emperor's new clothes. I'm not fighting progress, but this is all an ongoing ploy to stimulate demand with the 'new and improved', and you bought it.

  3. @Curtains: A friend once told me that it's the cumalative effect that's important. All those watts here and there, and seconds here and there add up through the years...

  4. @Angelo: for sure these bikes will be far more slippery and efficient than before, and in competitive sport you'll take any advantage you can. I'm just a bit tired of the marketing language employed, with press releases blindly repeated as 'journalism'. Reminds me of 'corporate speak' ('touch base', 'ideas shower', 'future plans', 'going forward', etc.): we all know it's crap, but it's been left unchallenged, adopted to a degree, and gained a certain legitimacy as a result. I'm keen on the tech, it's the branding of the innovations that I find laughable. Brands are supposed to endure, surely, to gain a place in peoples' psyche; these will simply be replaced next year by something new.