Friday, July 22, 2011

Reorganization at Giro d'Italia

As we reported earlier, here, Angelo Zomegnan will no longer be the Director of the Giro d'Italia. The announcement of the new management organization for the Giro d'Italia will be made on Monday.

Michele Acquarone, currently Direttore Generale of RCS Sports, is said to be the new Director of the corsa rosa.

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  1. Is it not possible to give more 'readable' translations to the riders' interviews? Hinault's words come across as 'normal' here, but unless Damiano really talks like a 17th century village idiot, the choice of words seems a little poor. 'Arrival'? 'Finish' is the correct translation of 'arrivo', surely. It's the only thing on your blog that undermines it, TBH. Having said that, you see it on all cycling sites, unfortunately - maybe this is a cut-n-paste. Is it wrong to step back, read the first draft, and then simply paraphrase in normal English? Sorry for being picky ... I love your blog otherwise.

  2. @Curtains: "unless Damiano really talks like a 17th century village idiot...". He doesn't, of course, but your point is well taken. My brain is not completely wired as a translator so these things happen. The official translation was much worse! I will try to improve in this area. I do this for fun, and I'm glad you enjoy the blog. ciao ciao.

  3. It's sad that Zomegnan was forced out. Seems to be a casualty not so much of his stewardship and creativity as a race organizer but more about politics. Vincenzo Torriani seemed to be autocratic and obnoxious while at the same time totally charming when he wanted to be....something that Zomegnan found difficult. I hope the new guys put in charge will continue the "toughest race in the most beautiful place" idea and not water down La Corsa Rosa in response to the chorus of (seemingly mostly North Americans) who want it to be little more than a tune-up for July's Tour de France. Viva il Giro!