Thursday, December 18, 2008

NJ: "Avoid Being Deceased"

Thursday, December 18th: Back in Verona, Italy, I had asked a friend of mine, who was approaching 90, "What's your secret to longevity?" His answer was, "Avoid being deceased."

That's probably the best reason I can come up with for riding this year through Winter. That and not losing fitness in order to arrive in good form for those early Spring centuries. Once I wrap my brain around getting out the door, riding is actually quite enjoyable. In particular I like the serenity.

There is a big snow storm moving in tomorrow morning which is going to be followed by more snow two days after that. That will make a real mess of the roads due to the use of salt and cinders.

Photos: a Christmas display in front of a home in Califon, farming machinery indicating that Middle Valley was settled in 1738, the Lamington General Store


  1. You really love that Chester, CT made bike, don't you?

  2. Great bike but maybe too many photos with it in it! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!