Friday, December 12, 2008

NJ: They Meant It: ROAD CLOSED

NJ: Friday, December 12th: The weather has been ugly; cold, windy and heavy rains. By the time I had a chance to go out today the clouds had moved in again but it was a relatively mild 46F. It was ride today or ride tomorrow in a very cold but sunny day.

I came upon a ROAD CLOSED sign on my route but thought, "How bad can it be...must be closed to cars." So I continued on, everything looked good for about four miles and then it was full stop. The road and the stream, now a river, had become one. I had to retrace my route and by the time I got home it was a howling wind, 32F, and my toes were really cold (only wore medium weight booties; that was mistake).


  1. Ha! I got caught out like that a couple of weeks ago here in Essex. As the stream is normally a coupoe of inch deep ford I carried on only to find it was nearly 2feet deep by which time I was totally committed. The ride home was cold wet and very uncomfortable

  2. Arturo: Thanks, we face the same problems all over the world!