Monday, February 16, 2009

Brooks Saddles (owned by Italy's Selle Royal)

Brooks was purchased by Italy's Selle Royal in 2003.

The Brooks firm, located in Birmingham, England, employs approximately 20 people in the manufacture of fine, handcrafted bicycle saddles. A full range of saddles are available in the categories of racing and mtb, trekking and touring, city and transport, and heavy duty.

Founded in 1866, Brooks was cast adrift in 2000 when parent Sturmey Archer collapsed under the weight of financial chicanery. A management buyout put things right and got the wheels turning again at Brooks. In 2003 Selle Royal bought the venerable Brooks firm and has embarked on a campaign of breathing new life into the revered brand while respecting the traditions that have made Brooks what it is. To its credit, Selle Royal not only respected the Brooks traditions but has also moved forward introducing new models and issuing limited editions.

Wall Bike,, has a good description of the Brooks line.

Above is a two part video, in English, showing how Brooks saddles are made. Very interesting.

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