Thursday, February 5, 2009

Confente no. 39 Purchased by Confente Family

Confente no. 39, built by Mario Confente and pictured above, has been purchased by the Confente family of Verona. It's becoming more and more difficult to acquire one of the 135 that exist as collectors become increasing reluctant to part with theirs. The Confente family is delighted that a Confente will finally come home.

The owner of this bike purchased it as a frame and fork. It was originally blue, painted by Jim Cunningham (current owner of Cyclart) but the owner didn't like that color so had it painted white by Gian Simonetti at MASI. The build is with Campagnolo components with the shift levers and brake levers being pantographed with aces, matching the cutout aces in the lugs and bottom bracket. The stem is pantographed with the Mario Confente signature, and there is a matching pump. Wheels are Mavic SSC (Special Service des Course).

If you are unfamiliar with the Mario Confente story please search within my blog for the multi-part story.

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