Friday, June 5, 2009

Cinque Terre Giro d'Italia Time Trial Recon

French rider Philippe is often off to interesting places in the world with his Concorde bike that he had adapted with S&S couplers for easy traveling. For this trip Philippe went to Cinque Terre to ride and watch the Giro individual time trial. He, and his family, rented a house above Framura in Chiesa just at the doors of Cinque Terre proper.

Phillipe says, "Of course bike riding is not the only thing to do in Cinque Terre... in fact, it's not even the best thing to do. Other things include walking, eating, taking boats, walking some more and eating. Did I already mention eating? For instance, you can take the boat from Riomaggiore to a lovely little restaurant on the water. I know because I checked this out. The food was very good, thank you!"

The photos, top, are of his a.m. rides along the segment from Passo del Bracco to Vernazza.

Phillipe posts his ride stories on in the Commuting, Touring, and Ride Reports section.

You can read more about the Cinque Terre National park here:

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