Friday, June 19, 2009

Ivan Basso Limited Edition ANONIMO Watch

From the Anonimo website:
"The champion from Varese and the renowned Florentine brand launch the first watch branded Ivan Basso.

An exclusive personalised limited edition watch promoted by Ivan Basso for charity. The great champion from Varese, in the event of the hundredth Giro d'Italia, had the Florentine company Anonimo Orologi manufacture a limited 15 timepiece edition of the first Ivan Basso watch. An elegant manual chronograph with a dual clock based on the Slide Rule with a pink dial to celebrate the popular race in stages. The chronograph has a modified and decorated rare 7760 movement, a particular detail that renders the purchase of greater interest to collectors.

This precious timepiece will not be on the market but can be purchased only directly from Firenze Orologi S.r.l. for € 4800.00 (inclusive of VAT). Part of the profits shall be given to the Bianca Garavaglia Association, a charity supported by Ivan Basso. The Association was founded on 13 April 1987 and got its name from Bianca, a child afflicted by a rare form of neoplasia at the age of five. The scope of the association is to promote scientific studies and medical treatments for tumours in children as well as to help and support initiatives directly on a financial and operational level. It involves supplying means and assistance to entities and institutions operating in the sector without having to go through intermediaries or red tape. The achievement of the objectives fixed by the Association involves the financing of projects, some of which, such as basic research, have long waiting periods with the use of both important human and economic resources."

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