Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Italian Cycling Journal Contest!

ITALIAN CYCLING JOURNAL is having its very own, fun, contest again. You will need to answer ten Giro d'Italia related questions correctly.

The prize is a pair of cycling shorts by Biemme, of Brogliano (VICENZA), Italy. Biemme has been making cycling clothing in Italy for the pros for over 30 years. They are now also making custom clothing for teams in the USA and throughout the world.

Are you having troubles coming up with a design for your custom team wear? Let Biemme help you out. Simply go to: http://www.biemmesport.com/DFT.asp?LinguaId=2 where you will find 25 semi-custom designs. When you click on the individual jersey designs, you are offered the chance to play around with customized color options. Each design in fact offers over 1500 color combination options. Biemme can also work with you to come up with a fully unique design starting from a blank sheet of paper.

For more information visit their website at http://www.biemmesport.com/ or send an email to biemmeUSA@biemmesport.com


-first correct answer received at veronaman@gmail.com wins,
-the answers must agree with the source that I am using as a reference (sorry, I can't divulge that!),
-hint: not all answers can be found within http://www.italiancyclingjournal.blogspot.com/

Contest questions:
1. What was the title of the movie film in which Coppi and Bartali had roles?
2. Which famous frame builder finished last in the Giro d'Italia?
3. Who were the 5 time winners of the Giro d'Italia?
4. What was the name of the team manager of the first American team to participate in the Giro d'Italia?
5. What year was the "pink" jersey introduced as the leader's jersey?
6. Sastre's 2009 Giro ...............has the drawing of a ..................on it.
7. Basso's 2009 Giro .............has a .............painted on it.
8. Which rider won the Giro d'Italia two times without winning a stage?
9. The first time Giro time trial was held in .......(year) and won by.......(rider).
10 Which teams wore Biemme cycling kits in the centenary Giro?

Photos: examples of Biemme products; be sure to visit http://www.biemmesport.com/. If you have any questions send an email to biemmeUSA@biemmesport.com

Stories, including cycling trip stories, for the Italian Cycling Journal welcome; contact veronaman@gmail.com

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