Monday, June 29, 2009

Marco Pantani Bicycles

Under the title of the "Pantani Bike Project", supported by Pantani's parents, bicycles bearing the "Marco Pantani" name will be coming the marketplace.

The Pantani family, Paolo (father) and Tonina (mother), have turned to the builders of Carrera bikes (Podium srl, owned by Davide Boifava) to build the Marco Pantani models. It was on a Carrera bike that Marco Pantani achieved his early stage victories in the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia.

For the time being two models will be offered according to the official website, (in Italian):

Pantani Skin: an aluminum frame with carbon rear triangle and carbon fork, details:
Designed for professional race use, yet appropriate for recreational use. This frame is made of 7005 series T6 aluminium combined with a carbon fibre rear monostay; its ideal on very challenging roads, but also for long distance rides.

Very advanced procedures, such as drawing of the aluminium tubing and solution heat treatment eliminate the possibility of work hardening of the metal and confer a much higher resistance to the problem of “hot cracking”.

The triple-butted oversize tubing made on specific custom design increases structural stiffness balanced by the double-butted horizontal rear tubes and by the front fork made of K6 carbon fibre. These structural aspects, working together, are able to decrease vibration given by imperfections of the road surface and increasing the level of comfort as shown by lab and road tests.

The tig welding process and the fitting of the rear monostay in carbon fibre is done by hand by certified professionals that complete the production processes of the frame.

T7005 series T6 triple-butted aluminium tubing
Mechanical and performance values lab tested and controlled on specific bike test machinery.
Integrated headset 1 1/8”
Average weight (M size frame): 1,380 Kg
Carbon speed fork weight: 568 grams.

Pantani Corsair: monocoque full carbon, details:
Born through project studies of highest technology, this frame has been designed to respect determined values of reaction and resistance, strictly necessary for its professional use.

The carbon monocoque structure known as TORAY HM-HS (High Modulus – High Rigidity) is made through a monocoque print thanks to “SOLID CARBON” technology. Following this step the frame is formed in a high pressure autoclave system which compacts the fibres furthermore to guarantee a higher level of resistance against axial and torsional loads, creating also a longer lasting product. In addition to this, thanks to the careful selection of the same fibres and the absence of step-by-step assembly procedures, each and every single frame has the same quality and performance. The monocoque production system includes the dimensional standardisation of the frame, which is made in five different sizes and adaptable to the different structural qualities of an athlete.

The oversize tubing used (HM T 700) has a hexagonal cross-section to insure a better absorption of vibrations given by imperfections on the road surface, without however compromising the structural stiffness of the precise control one needs on a bike. The integrated seatpost has a drop shaped aerodynamic profile as a cut-out to fit around the rear wheel. This is so that the wheel is brought closer to the front triangle, with the result of a higher reacting frame when one force pedals standing up on the bike. The horizontal rear tubing has a variable geometry, contributing to a more efficient energy transfer without there being any power-loss.

Made with monocoque “SOLID CARBON” “technology using TORAY 30T MR60 3k HM (High Modulus) carbon fibre. Accessories and inserts are anchored during the printing of the frame, not afterwards.
Fibres compacted using a high-pressure autoclave system for the consolidation of the assembled structure.
Mechanical and performance values lab-tested and controlled on specific bicycle test machinery.
Integrated headset 1-1/8” / 1,5”
Drop-shaped integrated seatpost.
Average weight ( M size frame ): 1,110 Kg
Carbon MDP straight fork (monocoque), weight: 390 grams

Photos: Pantani in the famous Carrera Jeans kit, Corsair model, Skin model

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