Saturday, August 14, 2010

D'Acciaio (Of Steel), Dario Pegoretti

Rapha and RSA Films (Ridley Scott Associates Films) are presenting three short films inspired by the people, places and stories of road racing. Johan Museeuw, Sean Kelly and Dario Pegoretti are celebrated in three cinematic portraits exploring the passion, history and drama of the sport.

Each film brings a new translation: The intense dreamscape of Nick Livesey's ode to Johan Museeuw, Adrian Moat's tale of discovery inspired by Sean Kelly and Ben Ingham's intimate view of Dario Pegoretti in his workshop, all powerful representations of three distinct icons of road racing.

You can view the trailer for the Pegoretti film, "D'Acciaio (Of Steel)", here.

NOTE: The full-length film will be screened ALL DAY, ONLY on FRIDAY 27 AUGUST ON THE RAPHA SITE.

"Passion is something that can’t be produced, can’t be invented.
Real passion is something that comes from within."
-Dario Pegoretti

Here are previous stories that have appeared in ICJ of visits to Dario's workplace:
A Visit to Dario Pegoretti (2008)
An Italian Visitor to Pegoretti (2008)
A Visit with Dario Pegoretti (2007)

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