Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wilier Triestina and MCippolini News

Back to the beginning, that is, the 2009 season: the Lampre-Farnese Vini team rides Wilier Triestina bikes. ISD, the large Ukranian metallurgical company sponsored team, rides Cipollini bikes.

A week ago it was announced that ISD would become a partner of Lampre and the team would be named Lampre-ISD beginning next season. Lampre has now announced that they have renewed their contract with Wilier for another three years. The Lampre - Wilier relationship began in 2003.

Under the agreement Wilier will supply Lampre-ISD with a yearly supply of 150 bikes and of "all the necessary technical material".

In 2011 Team Lampre-ISD will use the Cento1 SL (of which Petacchi rides a specially modified one).

Mario Cipollini will become one of the primary sponsors of what was the ISD team under the name "MCipollini". The team is searching for another major sponsor at which time it will be decided if "MCipollini" will be the primary or secondary sponsor.

Photos: Petacchi won the green jersey at the 2009 Tour de France on a Wilier Cento 1 SL; Cipollini photo by Bettini

Who knows what "Wilier" stands for?

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  1. W l'Italia LIbera E Redenta!

  2. from Jer: "W l'Italia Libera e redenta"

  3. "....I asked him what the name meant and he told me that his grandfather had made up the name which was a sort of acronym for "Viva Italia Libero e Redente" or Long Live Italy, Free and loyal to its King. The Triestina part was added after the 1946 Giro d'Italia stage which ended in Trieste, at the time under international protection as the borders of Italy with Yugoslavia were being disputed and Trieste was, I believe, international. Anyway, as the riders got closer to Trieste there were shots fired by snipers to scare the riders and the race came to a standstill. After some time they re-started the race and Giovanni Cottur, a native of Trieste, won the stage in a small breakaway. The elder Gastaldi was so impressed by this show of Italian patriotism that he added the name Triestina as a tribute to the stage and the rider's courage. At least that's what I recall, perhaps I should take the time to look up the facts but I believe this is what happened in a nut shell. Anyone out there with more complete information should write in with it."-Mark