Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bettini: Recon of Copenhagen World Championship Course

Paolo Bettini (CT, Commissario Tecnico) of the Italian national squad arrived in Copenhagen yesterday to begin undertaking a recon of the 2011 World Championship road course in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was accompanied by Andrea Collinelli and Marino Amadori (CTs for the U23 teams), and Rino De Candido (CT, Juniors) and Mario Valentini (CT, paracycling).

Paolo Bettini came under criticism from some quarters for his team selection for the 2010 World Championships, especially from Mario Cipollini who was outspoken about Bettini's decision to not select a sprinter.

CT Dino Salvoldi who is not attending the inspection but is familiar with the roads after a visit in 2009 for the track Worlds commented, "It's a fairly easy route from the elevation profile perspective. For a long stretch it runs through a park where the road is narrow with a particular arrival because it has a ramp of about 500 meters that is misleading for anyone that sprints early."

Mark Cavendish, at the end of October, completed 2 laps on the 14 kilometer circuit. "The course is not as challenging as in Geelong, but is in fact tougher than I thought. It is technically challenging and I believe a quite big group will settle the medals in a sprint", Cavendish commented. "The sprint uphill will result in a power sprint", he said.

Photo: location of the finish line

The course in 15 minutes of video:

To see in full size click here.

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