Thursday, November 18, 2010

L'Eroica: Field Limit for 2011?

From the organizers of L'Eroica:

There is talk of a limited number of participants for the Eroica 2011, scheduled for 2 October and it will be possible to enter from 1 February. Only six weeks after this year’s extraordinary success, the organizers have already started planning the next edition of the vintage cycling tour which is hugely appealing, both in Italy and abroad, thanks to the timeless beauty of the route.

The Eroica is characterized by the beauty of the countryside, the values shared by the participants and the wonderful bikes which make it the ultimate event for true cycling enthusiasts of all ages: "This event has now reached the perfect size” – say the organizers – “therefore the number of participants ideally should not exceed that of 2010. This seems to us to be the best way to guarantee the top quality service that we want to ensure into the future. We intend to use our website to offer both Italians and foreigners the opportunity to register their participation but we will certainly provide the same opportunity to those who are not computer

More information on how to register will soon be available.

Note: This year there were 3,480 riders with slightly more than 20% coming from outside of Italy and representing five continents. See a video of the 2010 L'Eroica here.

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  1. While we don't yet have "bici di epoca" in order to ride this event, we hope to be there in October to see it - and maybe purchase a couple of bikes suitable for a future event.