Monday, November 1, 2010

A Visit to the Coppi Home

This is the Coppi family home. Fausto Coppi lived here and now Faustino, his son, and family reside here.

Faustino in the sitting room with the original, legendary, photograph of the water bottle being passed between Coppi and Bartali at the 1952 Tour de France. "It was my dad that passed it, not the other way," said Faustino.

Fausto Coppi holding Faustino as a baby. Faustino had just arrived in Cannes by ship from Argentina. Faustino was born in Argentina otherwise in accordance with the laws of the time he would not have obtained the surname of his father.

The rainbow jersey of world champion, in pure silk and without sponsors, which Fausto Coppi put on in Lugano in 1953. 1953 was also the year in which Coppi met Giulia Occhini in Lugano. Giulia Occhini became the famous "Dama Bianca" (the Lady in White; read more about her here).

A few of the trophies.

Photographs of Fausto Coppi are found throughout the home.

Photos by Giuliano Camarda; click on photos to enlarge

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