Monday, November 29, 2010

CycleSport: MCipollini RB1000 is "Bellissimo", Part II

Thanks to Jerome we have a translation of the key points of the review that appeared in CycleSport, a French magazine:

"Frame and Tubes: Unique

One can quickly understand why the RB1000 price tag is so expensive. In reality, this is the only true complete monocoque frame on the market. Usually, the frames labeled monocoque have a front triangle to which the rear triangle is connected. With the Cipollini the complete frame is built as a single piece thanks to a unique mould for the 2 triangles, very complex to engineer and costing a fortune. With such a design the precision must be total and any error can not be forgiven. Furthermore, the shapes designed by engineers are not making the job any easier. We cannot speak about tubes but rather about non-typical shapes. The frame is oversized everywhere! We can almost believe we possess a time trial bike. But no, it's a road bike for sure. The steering, for instance, is oversized with a top diameter of 1 1/4" and the bottom 1 1/2". The fiber used for the frame is a T1000, quite unique. The objective is clear: maximum rigidity for maximum efficiency! 7 sizes available.

Behavior: On another planet
Quite logically, the RB1000 is not suitable for a cycling tourist. As Mario told us: "the bikes are made as for for myself". Needless to say they are not for the crowd. Effectively, right at the start of pedaling, the RB1000 communicates clearly that fit legs are required. The frame is ultra-rigid and the accuracy in selecting the right gears must be perfect. But the ride is thrilling, it's impossible to describe. The throughput is impressive and the feelings explode. Paired with wheels like the Lightweight Ventoux, the RB1000 is a real bomb! We pedaled stronger and stronger until no more watts remained. Because the RB1000 is not forgiving of slowing down. It cannot be considered a downside as the pleasure is so great. Another nice surprise is the comfort. Against all odds, the RB1000 delivers good vertical comfort.

Eventually our tour ended and that's the only regret, back on earth…."

The only negative was for price: 12,100 euro as tested. btw, I've never seen an RB1000 with two water bottle cages...has anyone?

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  1. sure have! the Farnese-Vini Neri boys racing in Malaysia all have RB1000's with 2 bottle mounts. Now to get a picture to prove it to ya...