Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Cycle Begins for Damiano Cunego

For Damiano Cunego and his teammates the 2011 season is finished but now it's already time to begin the first steps of focusing on 2012. Those steps began for Cunego on Thursday afternoon at the Mapei Sport Service center where he underwent several evaluations.

The evaluations were made by Lampre-ISD’s Doctor Guardascione who explained the tests, "The tests were for endurance and Vo2max. They allow us to measure the fitness of the athlete and they are very useful in planning the winter training program. Considering the results and the characteristics of the athlete we’ll give Cunego a precise program of preparation in view of the next season, even if the race program for the rider have not yet been decided."

"On Sunday in Japan I took part in my final race of the season (Japan Cup, 4th place), it has been a long 2011," Cunego explained. "During the year I lived beautiful moments and also less happy ones, but I have no regrets. I always gave my best, also thanks to the support by my team. Now I’m going to rest for several weeks during which I’ll go on holiday with my family, maybe in Zanzibar. Then, I hope I’ll have the chance to attend some car rallies before starting the winter training program the last week in November."

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  1. It's a LONG season. We hope Cunego can enjoy his time "off" and show some "spunta" in the 2012 season. Vai Damiano!

  2. Is it possible to get regular updates of Damiano's winter training to get a better understanding of how this particular pro cyclist goes about getting ready for his upcoming season? That would be so interesting...

  3. @Robbin: I will see if that's possible.