Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MCipollini: "The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth"

All about the MCipollini RB1000, in Italian with English subtitles. Mario, "In the times of steel in Italy they were producing the best frames in the world. In the carbon age the large Italian brands manufactured elsewhere. For me the important thing is to create everything it Italy."

Mario has it right.

MCipollini. Tutta la Verità - The whole Truth - 2011 - HD from Mcipollini on Vimeo.

See all the models at www.mcipollini.com

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  1. We'll agree with Mario, BRAVO! Why buy products from makers who exploit low-wage workers, especially when the price to the consumer doesn't reflect this savings -- it all goes to the marketer/designer/brand? Especially obnoxious is the implication that the product is made in Italy when you as the consumer know differently. Our friends at Torelli have realized this too and recently returned to Italian steel frames exclusively. BRAVI!

  2. Wow!..The level of style and drama in the making of a promotional marketing video...Mario Cipollini could be the next Fellini!