Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Fatta da Pinarello", but Made in Taiwan

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I was recently informed about some blog entries from a cyclist in Taiwan writing about Pinarello. Here are excerpts:

"I’m currently in talks with someone who works at the factory which makes Pinarellos.... As for purchasing one of those frames, it’s going to be hard to get a great deal since all of the frames are earmarked for export. Unless he breaks the rules, the frames can’t be sold in Taiwan from the factory. Pinarello customize(s) them, assemble(s) the full bikes, and sell(s) them. So Pinarellos found here in Taiwan have been imported from Italy even though they have been made here. It’s a bit ridiculous. I’ll do some more snooping around in Taichung, as I have a contact there as well and most of the bikes in Taiwan are made in Taichung......

.......This whole thing is ludicrous. Why? Well, the “Made in Italy” stamp can be added to any frame or bike if at least 50% of the price comes from Italy. This means for example that if a carbon fiber frame was made in Taiwan, sent out to Italy, where the company adds components, paint and tires, then this frame would be labeled made in Italy. This is one of the secrets of the bicycle trade.....

.....All Pinarellos are made in Taiwan.....Why is this important? It’s important for pricing. Any frame made in the US and Europe can have a premium price attached to it. Frames that aren’t can’t breach a certain logical price limit. Obviously this isn’t true for every manufacturer, especially for some who don’t want you to find out that your bike was made in Asia, like the Prince by Pinarello......."


The term "Fatta da Pinarello" appears in the English version of and means "Made by Pinarello"

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  1. My Pinarello (2009 FP3) does not say "Made in Italy" in fact Pinarello is quite up front about where their frames are made. The sticker on the bike clearly states "Made in Taiwan". I knew this and still bought the bike. Why? Because the bike is beautiful, well made, a joy to ride, and because Torayca in Taiwan is a world leader in the manufacture of carbon fiber products IMHO. To each his own I say, and buy the bike you want. I just don't believe Pinarello is trying to deceive people into thinking their frames are made in Italy.

  2. James: thanks for writing in with the info on the labeling of your FP3.

  3. Torayca is a Japanese company. The raw material form of the carbon fiber is from Japan.

  4. I know majority of Pinarello frames are Made in Taiwan, but I was told the Dogma and Dogma 2 was Made in Italy.