Monday, September 7, 2009

Pietro: Rest Day in Alleghe, Cable Car and Andy Stories

Peter, aka "Pietro", files his eighth report, now riding with the Andy Hampsten tour.

"Wednesday, September 2, 2009: Day 6 Rest Day, Cable Car Ride, Andy Stories

Well, today is a rest day. No bike riding. Tomorrow: Marmolada

After breakfast, a few of us took the cable car and ski lift to the top of the mountain. What a view!!!

While I was up there, who comes rolling in on their bikes? Andy, Elaine, Bruce and Marcello out for leisurely day off ride up the mountain.

Later that day, we have a sit down to hear the Andy stories. We ask a question and he starts telling the story. Of course, I can’t remember the stories but you missed some good ones. So, if you want to hear Andy stories, sign up for his tour.

One item of note is that he was very much impressed with Bernard Hinault (“The Badger”) as a rider and also teacher. He related that during one Vuelta, the badger took off and built a lead. Three Spanish teams went to the front to try to shut it down but the “Badger” kept increasing it until it was 8-10 minutes. All the non-Spanish riders were sitting back in the peloton, listening to the Spanish team managers berating the riders that they couldn’t pull back Hinault. They Americans really enjoyed that ride. At the end, Hinault finished two minutes ahead and when Andy saw him Hinault indicated that was the hardest race he rode.

Andy is a good story teller and you’ll enjoy his stories.


Photos:Alleghe, our hotel in Alleghe, views from the cable car trip

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