Friday, September 25, 2009

Gran Fondo Racing in the U.S.A. in 2010

ICJ reader "Powerful Pete" left a comment yesterday in response to the Centurion Cycling announcement of three gran fondo events that planned for 2010. Powerful Pete wrote, "I am very curious to see if these catch on the way gran fondos do here in Italy."

It will be interesting to see if it catches on. In Italy it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a weekend in which a gran fondo is not already scheduled. There are magazines, such as GRANFONDO, dedicated to this type of racing.

With several different U.S. organizers planning events the schedule could look like this:
Gran Fondo Colnago-San Diego (CA): March 7, 2010
Gran Fondo Boulder, Boulder (CO): April 11, 2010
Gran Fondo Centurion Cycling, Boulder (CO): July, 2010
Gran Fondo Vail, Vail (CO): July 11, 2010
Granfondo Colnago-Philadelphia (PA): August 8, 2010
Gran Fondo Centurion Cycling, Madison (WI): August, 2010
Gran Fondo Centurion Cycling, Mammoth Lakes (CA): September 2010
Univest Cyclosportif, Souderton (PA): September 2010
Levi Leipheimer's King Ridge GranFondo, Santa Rosa (CA): October 3, 2010
Gruppo Bici Race of the Falling Leaves, Boulder (CO): October 3, 2010

The organizers of the Granfondo Colnago have hinted at a possible 3rd event in 2010.

The Univest Cyclosportif (cyclosportif is the French name for the same type of race) would be the oldest event having already had two editions.

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  1. I think the Grand Fondo idea is great - falls somewhere between an actual race (crit or road race) and the usual organized ride (century, etc.)

    I fit the demographic perfectly - will enter one if possible.

  2. I did the San Diego Gran Fondo. I had a great time. Like Dan O, I'm in the demographic as well. I'll bet most cyclist fit this demo and will enjoy these.

  3. Colorado already has a number of big riders. Triple By Pass, Elephant Rock, Copper Trinagle, Buffalo Classic, Tour of Colorado, Ride the Rockies, etc, etc.
    How does a Grand Fondo differ? It states it's not a race.

    Also, Boulder to Peak To Peak in April? VERY IFFY...

  4. Everyone wears a timing chip in a granfondo. In Italy 99% of the participants are riding for best becomes a race. The other 1% might take it easy and enjoy the day.