Thursday, September 10, 2009

News re: USA Granfondo & L'Eroica Style Events

A press release issued today from the Italian Bicycle Group N.A. announced the acquisition of L'Eroica USA and creation of Gran Fondo N.A.

L'Eroica USA had previously issued the press releases announcing the October 4th, 2009, L’Eroica Boulder, a L’Eroica-styled event to be run outside Boulder, Colorado. The Italian Bicycle Group N.A. has confirmed that this event has been cancelled.

The L'Eroica style event scheduled for October 3, 2010, has been renamed the "Gruppo Bici L'Epoca". The event is described as "a period cycletourist rallye run over country roads north of Boulder, Colorado. Fashioned after L’Eroica, Italy, L’Epoca offers surroundings and scenes from the "aged" times of cycling: classic bicycles, tweed and wool riding."

The press release also announced three new granfondo-style events as follows:

Gran Fondo Boulder: April 11, 2010 - Gran Fondo Boulder is an early-season ciclosportivo that takes cyclists along country roads, through steep rock canyons and over scenic mountain byways of the Colorado Front Range. Fashioned after the Italian Gran Fondo, Gran Fondo Boulder is a long distance, 109km (68-mile) mass-participation bicycle ride that welcomes professional, amateur, and recreational cyclists of all abilities.

Gran Fondo Vail: July 11, 2010 - Gran Fondo Vail is the heart-pounding ciclosportivo that takes cyclists over scenic byways and high mountain passes of the Colorado Rockies. Fashioned after the Italian Gran Fondo, Gran Fondo Vail is a long distance, 128km (80-mile) mass-participation bicycle ride at altitude that welcomes professional, amateur and recreational cyclists of all abilities.

Gruppo Bici Race of the Falling Leaves: October 3, 2010 - The competitive version of Gruppo Bici L’Epoca is the Gruppo Bici Race of the Falling Leaves. Running over the same route as L’Epoca, when traversed at speed this 48km (30-mile) course of asphalt and unpaved (70%) surfaces will catch even the strongest riders out, making this battle of attrition an instant Fall classic.

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