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On the eve of the start of the 2013 Giro d'Italia, Campagnolo announced a unique cycling tour, the CAMPAGNOLO EXPERIENCE, in partnership with Thomson Bike Tours. The tour will start with the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma and then thread across Italy over four days to Vicenza where there will be an exclusive visit of the Campagnolo factory. The dates are October 12 to 19; cost 2,995 euro. Limited to 30 riders.

In the words of Campagnolo:

The Campagnolo brand is widely known the world over and cyclists of all levels, from the top professionals to weekend warriors, have come to appreciate the quality and performance of the Italian company's products.

However, it is easy to appreciate the quality, precision and technical advantage that Campagnolo wheels and components are famous for but to understand exactly what Campagnolo represents one must delve even further into the soul of the company.

To understand completely what Campagnolo means one must experience the culture from which its great cycling passion was born, see the roads and races that instilled cycling culture into the company's DNA, race amongst the masses of Italian cyclists and witness the pride with which the company charges forward as it strives continuously to improve the cycling experience.

Previously this insight was limited to a select few journalists, top athletes and industry insiders who were lucky enough to have been exposed to not only the factory and headquarters but also the various components of Italian culture, cycling and passion that make up the real identity of Campagnolo. It is a concept while seemingly simple, is quite complex and difficult to put into text.

To gain a full understanding one must be immersed in the culture and live in the environment from which the brand was born-to live a complete CAMPAGNOLO EXPERIENCE.

It is with this in mind that THE CAMPAGNOLO EXPERIENCE was created to give cyclists the world over the opportunity to fully understand what can't be described in words.

As of 2013, the year in which Campagnolo celebrates its 80th anniversary, Campagnolo enthusiasts wishing to gain this knowledge and take part in an unforgettable experience will have the opportunity to race, ride, eat, live, sleep and breathe Italian cycling according to the Campagnolo playbook.

Along with our partners at Thomson Bike Tours we have created what we believe to be the most complete and profound look into what best represents Campagnolo.

HE CAMPAGNOLO EXPERIENCE will start in Rome with the GRANFONDO CAMPAGNOLO ROMA where participants will be totally immersed into Italian racing culture while pedaling amongst historic monuments such as the coliseum and continue on through the hills of the Castelli Romani.

Completely closed to traffic for the entire route, the GRANFONDO CAMPAGNOLO ROMA is a unique experience that allows cyclists to compete as well as meet the greatest cyclists that history has to offer while pedaling by some of the greatest monuments on earth.

From Rome the route continues north through the fabled roads of Italian cycling history. The route follows the same roads that have carried the weight of cycling's greatest athletes as well as the legions of amateurs that seek to emulate their heroes atop their bikes after work and on the weekends.

The same roads that helped Tullio Campagnolo fall in love with cycling. The same grueling yet beautiful terrain that inspired Campagnolo to innovate ever more efficient solutions for the bicycle is the same terrain that will give participants in the CAMPAGNOLO EXPERIENCE a unique insight into where one of the most influential figures in cycling found his desire to dedicate his life to cycling.

The route will wind its way through mountains and plains, through towns and hilltop villages where participants will experience the Italian culture that can't be felt while visiting a monument or museum and is fundamental if one is to understand the environment from which Campagnolo was born. The simplicity and passion with which the Italians live will be all the more evident as the route travels through region after region.

Riders will pass through uncountable areas, regions and towns, each one specialized in one specific good that has been perfected over hundreds of years. From cheeses and wines to sausages, ceramics and supercars the passion and dedication that seems to be ingrained in the Italian DNA to take one good, love it, work to perfect it and protect it through the years is the very same that drives Campagnolo to continuously improve a product that we love, the bicycle.

After several hard but fulfilling days in the saddle the route will make its stop in Vicenza, the home of Campagnolo. Upon arrival participants will see yet another aspect of what makes Campagnolo what it is. The factory floor, previously a forbidden city of sorts, will be made available to those lucky enough to take part in the CAMPAGNOLO EXPERIENCE and will provide them with an inside look as to just how each and every component on their bike is produced in painstaking detail and with passionate attention.

Witnessing raw materials enter the factory and leave as completely finished product is a unique experience. It is an experience that is almost unthinkable in today's world of continuous outsourcing and offshoring but the only option for Campagnolo as we can't be sure that the same passion we have in Vicenza can be replicated in factories overseas.

The CAMPAGNOLO EXPERIENCE will be the one way to gain a true understanding of the company, where it comes from, what it represents and what is behind the name and brand.

We feel that this trip represents us and has been put together with the same passion and attention to detail that Campagnolo has been known for throughout its eighty year history.

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