Friday, May 3, 2013

Welcome to Napoli, Welcome to the Giro d’Italia

Ryder Hesjedal, Alessia Ventura, Michele Acquarone this afternoon in Napoli

Welcome to Napoli. Welcome to the Giro d’Italia, the toughest race in the world across the most beautiful country in the world.

As from tomorrow, our race and country will be in the spotlight of the cycling and sports world, every day for 3 weeks. The Giro d’Italia will be broadcasted in over 160 countries on a daily basis, thus reaching all five continents. The whole world will be turning its eyes on us: there is no doubt this will be a golden opportunity, but –above all – a huge responsibility for us.

Our gorgeous homeland, with all its excellences, will have to prove once again why it deserves to be so loved worldwide. I am asking all national and local authorities to keep up with their relentless support, to help us grow the Giro d’Italia into an unparalleled showcase for “made in Italy”.

I am asking all athletes taking part in the Giro d'Italia to race bravely ensuring fair play, abiding by the rules, and respecting their opponents and especially their fans who support them with endless passion, either “on the road” or at home.

As for me, on behalf of the Organization as a whole, I promise we will commit ourselves to guarantee the integrity of the Giro d’Italia, respect the rules and offer a great show on the road, whilst constantly protecting the safety of all athletes and fans.

Our grateful “thank you” goes to the Police forces who will escort us through this wonderful journey, to our sponsors who will bring joy and colour to the caravan, and to all the media who will report and describe the magic of the Corsa Rosa. Last but not least, we would like to thank and hug the thousands of volunteers who will be working on the Giro’s roads to support our large family.

Let the show begin. I wish you all a great Giro!

Michele Acquarone

Direttore Generale RCS Sport 

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